USA: Protesters rally outside of LA courthouse against Britney Spears 'conservatorship'

Protesters representing the #FreeBritney campaign rallied outside a Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday, calling for an end to pop star Britney Spears' 'conservatorship'. The campaign has gained traction on social media in recent weeks, after fans grew concerned about a series of Spears' posts on video-sharing app TikTok, leading thousands to sign a petition demanding she be relieved of her restrictive legal arrangements. «She's been employed and working these last twelve years. World tours and albums and the Vegas residency. But she's not autonomous, she's not competent enough for autonomy over her own adult life. It's a human rights issue, her children should be with her,» said Kailey, a fan and supporter of the 38 year-old singer. Many attendees were effusive in their devotion to Spears, whom they credit with freeing them from their tumultuous upbringings and life challenges. «As a young gay boy she was my way to free myself, when I wasn't too — when I didn't feel safe enough to be free on my own. She was like the friends I didn't have back then when I wanted friends,» said Alex, who sports a tattoo from the Spears song 'Everytime'. Britney Spears has been under a legal conservatorship since 2008, following a supposed mental breakdown and well-publicized erratic behaviour that placed her father, Jamie Spears, in control of her finances and major life decisions along with lawyer Andrew Wallet. The pop singer, who allegedly spent more than $1 million in conservatorship fees in 2018, appeared in court to review the arrangement on Wednesday, prompting the protests. While fans claim she is being held hostage by her conservators who are financially profiting from the agreement, Spears herself has not made any public comments suggesting that the conservatorship is not voluntary.

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