USA: Protesters rally in Denver to condemn Colorado COVID-19 restrictions

Protesters rallied in Denver, Colorado on Sunday to condemn the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the state. Police were also on the scene monitoring the demonstration, which mirrored similar protests that have been taking case in states throughout the US, with the backing of President Donald Trump, who called participants «very reasonable people» at a White House briefing on Friday. At times counter-protesters could be seen arguing with participants, while one local woman condemned the protest, saying «Forming these crowds and this do it yourself traffic jam is going to make it worse for everyone.» One protester, who was dressed in a gorilla suit and holding a sign referring to the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, described the event as patriotic, while also referencing Bill Gates, George Soros, and the World Health Organization, all of whom are frequent targets of conspiracy theorists. As of Sunday, there are over 9,700 COVID-19 cases in Colorado, with 420 people dying with the virus, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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