USA: Protesters rally in defence of Teddy Roosevelt statue outside NYC museum

Conservative protesters and supporters of US President Donald Trump rallied in defence of the Theodore Roosevelt statue situated outside a New York City museum on Sunday. The statue of the 26th US president is set to be removed after years of criticism, from opponents who called its depiction of Roosevelt on horseback with an African and Native American man walking on each side racist. «Radical leftists in this city are out of control trying to take down statues» said protester Tom Zmich, who added that opponents should «put away their feelings and understand what the heritage and strength of America really is.» Counter-protesters gathered nearby to show their support for the removal of the statue, which was requested by the museum's president last week, on the basis of the statue's «hierarchical composition.» New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that the city will carry out the museum's request, with Roosevelt's great-grandson and great-great-grandson also coming out in favour of the decision. Roosevelt has also faced criticism for his allegedly colonialist attitudes towards Native Americans.

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