USA: Protesters march through New York City to decry Trump administration

Protesters marched through Manhattan to protest against US President Donald Trump and an end to his administration, on Saturday. Holding up protest signs in both English and Spanish reading «This nightmare must end: The Trump/Pence regime must go!» the protesters marched to Washington Square Park. At a rally before the march, one protester decried the Trump administration's position on... Еще Muslims in the USA. She said, «This is a very sinister, a very fascist element of the Trump-Pence regime: the demonisation of Muslims,» before pointing out, «One of the very first things that Donald Trump did when he got in office was that he signed that Muslim Travel Ban, which struck terror into the hearts of Muslim people and immigrants all over the world.» The demonstration was called by left-wing protest group 'RefuseFascism.Org'.


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