USA: Protesters march against white supremacy ahead of cancelled far-right «Free Speech Week»

Over a hundred protesters took to the streets of Berkeley to unite against white supremacy and the alt-right, on Saturday, ahead of a now-cancelled right-wing 'Free Speech Week' which was set to take place in and around UC Berkeley campus. «I’ve lived in Berkeley for 37 years and I’m horrified at the idea of Nazis who hate people and who are racist coming here and disrupting our peaceful town... Еще. It’s really sad,» said protester Kathy Labriola. The student group behind the 'Free Speech Week' called off the event, along with officials from the university. Right-wing figurehead Milo Yiannopoulis, who was set to speak at the event, insists he will make an appearance on the campus regardless of the cancellation. Protesters marched around 2.2 miles (3.5 km) before participating in a festival at UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza, where Yiannopoulis is set to speak. Joined by scores of antifascist protesters, the demonstrators vowed to shut down any alt-right figures that ignored the event’s cancellation and attempted to speak as part of the 'Free Speech Week'.

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