USA: Protesters hold march as Seattle's 'Occupied Protest' begins phase out

Protesters in Seattle staged a march on Tuesday and reflected on the fate of their anti-racism movement, following announcements by city Mayor Jenny Durkan that demonstrators within the 'Capitol Hill Occupied Protest' should begin to curtail their nighttime activities and that the Seattle Police Department would move back into its currently blockaded East Precinct in the coming weeks. The mayor's announcement came after mutiple shootings in the last weekend have caused injuries and led to at least one death. «I think they made their point but sometimes you can over, overstate your point. And then all of a sudden if you lose it because of all the outside noise that's happening because of your point. You forget what you're doing because now, in order to come back and get this, it's going to be violence or what have you and then everybody's forgetting what this was all about,» said one protester. There is no specific timeline for the closure of the protest, but Mayor Durkan has said the city will not use police officers to clear out the area.

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