USA: Protesters demand justice for detained LGBT migrants in Richmond

Dozens gathered in front of the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, Virginia, on Sunday to protest the incarceration of undocumented transgender and LGBT immigrants by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Protesters held banners reading 'AmeriKKKa has a problem and it's not the immigrants' and 'Trump is the alien,' demanding justice for trans, queer, and gender-expansive migrants... Еще who, as they say, «face particularly brutal treatment in the US system.» «We're here because the LGBTQIA community who as an immigrant community is doubly persecuted by the system. They're not only fighting for staying alive in the countries of origin, but they're also coming into this country and being apprehended in places where they don't receive their proper medical attention or the attention they need because of their gender expression,» said Reverend Rhina Ramos, one of the protest organisers. The activist also claimed that many transgender women are being sexually assaulted as a result of being locked in with men for extended periods of time.

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