USA: Protesters decry visit of Saudi Crown Prince MBS to New York

Dozens of protesters gathered in Lower Manhattan, New York City, on Monday, to protest the visit of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman to the city. Activists mainly from the Coalition to end US Saudi Alliance movement staged a rally near Wall Street, as Mohammad bin Salman was expected to hold a score of business meetings, as well as meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio... Еще Guterres. One of the protesters, said that Salman «is the chief architect in the war in Yemen, which has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,» adding that «he is here to do a whole bunch of business, make a whole bunch of deals with Wall Street and CEOs from Halliburton and Boeing and these terrible weapons companies.» According to another demonstrator, Salman «is trying to sell that he is a good guy to the American people, especially to corporations, rich people.» «The human rights in Saudi Arabia, what they do is devastating, what they do to women is devastating, what they are doing in Yemen is a humanitarian crisis beyond imagination.» she added. ‌

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