USA: Protesters decry police decision not to name training fund after Philando Castile

M/S Protesters facing off police officers in St PaulM/S ProtestersC/U Sign with Philando Castile's image M/S Philando's mother Vallerie Castile speaking at rallyM/S Protesters chanting and holding signsM/S Philando's mother Vallerie Castile speaking at rallyC/U Protester with sign reading «Say his name"C/U Sign reads «Hope rise"M/S Protester speaking on loudspeakerC/U Protesters chantingM/S... Еще SignsSOT, Corydon Nilsson, The New North representative and protest organiser (English): «The training was the reason Philando Castile was killed. I believe that is just one of the reasons he was killed. And naming a training fund after him would have been at minimum an olive branch, a symbolic olive branch between the community and police saying 'hey, let's work through this'. Let's move on from this but let's remember what happened and why this happened. And they don't want to remember."W/S Protesters outside Governor's Mansion M/S Car banner reads ''Blue lies matter''W/S Protesters chanting on roadW/S Protesters leavingW/S Police officersM/S Woman filming police officers' ID badgesW/S Protesters leavingSCRIPTScores of Black Lives Matter activists rallied outside the Minnesota Governor's Residence in Saint Paul, Friday, in protest at a police board decision rejecting the naming of a new training fund after Philando Castile.Castile’s mother, Valerie spoke at the protest. One of the protest organisers, Corydon Nilsson said the naming would have been “at minimum an olive branch, a symbolic olive branch” but “they don’t want to remember”. Castile was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minneapolis on July 6 last year. An officer shot Castile repeatedly from point blank range while at the wheel of his car, his girlfriend recorded the bloody aftermath on her phone, live-streaming it on facebook.

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