USA: Protester evicted as ousted Google engineer Damore discusses diversity at PSU

SOT, Speaker at conference: «From your coworkers?» SOT, James Damore, former Google employee: «Yeah.» A protester attempted to unplug the audio system during a debate featuring former Google engineer James Damore at Portland State University on Saturday. The ‘Freethinkers of PSU’ student group invited James Damore to take part in a panel discussion on gender diversity. Damore was fired by... Еще Google for writing a memo on gender diversity within the company, in which he criticised the firm's diversity policy and claimed that the gender gap in tech may be due to biological differences. Damore recounted his experience at Google and said he had received “violent threats from coworkers” due to his memo. A handful of students in the auditorium left in the middle of the discussion and a women tried to disconnect the sound system before being evicted from the room. A small group of protesters stood outside the ‘Hoffman Hall’ with signs protesting against the presence of Damore on campus. James Damore has filed a lawsuit and a complaint against Google’s decision. However, on Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) concluded that Google hadn't violated any labour laws in its termination of Damore's employment contract, saying he had made «unprotected discriminatory statements» in his memo.

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