USA: Protest on anniversary of Trump immigration ban results in clashes

Demonstrators converged outside Portland Airport to protest the one-year anniversary of US President Donald Trump's immigration ban on majority Muslim countries. The event was met with counter-protesters led by «Tiny» from the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, resulting in scuffles breaking out between Antifa activists and Trump supporters. The demonstrators stood outside the airport and held... Еще banners conveying messages of solidarity with immigrants, such as «I stand with refugees» and «Refugees welcome here». Head of UNITE Oregon Kayse Jama led a chant of «Let them in». Anti-immigration counter-protesters disrupted the demonstration, resulting in clashes between the two sides. In particular, scuffles broke out between independent YouTuber Demetrius Cooper, Patriot Prayer member «Tiny» and Antifa activists including Luis Marquez. The protest comes one year after Trump signed an executive order to block the entry of citizens from seven Muslim majority nations into the United States. The order was blocked by US courts, however the Trump administration has since drawn up a new version of the ban which is yet to be ruled on by the US Supreme Court.


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