USA: Pro-Israel lawyer Dershowitz's speech goes ahead at UC Berkeley after being barred

SOT, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor (English): «They do.» SOT, Crowd (English): «Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.» SOT, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor (English): «Black lives do matter. I've been focused on making black lives matter since before any of you were born. I was in 60s marches.» Retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz was allowed... Еще to hold a talk on Israel at the University of California (UC) Berkeley's Law School, Wednesday, after he was originally barred from speaking on campus. Dershowitz's conference, entitled 'The Liberal Case for Israel', was initially blocked because the organisers of his visit did not give campus police an eight-week notice for the event, hence infringing one of the university's policies and had attracted criticism over Dershowitz's views on movements such as Black Lives Matter. Dershowitz was later allowed to hold his talk on the condition that fewer than 200 people attended, with many protesters in his audience. «I really want to seriously commend the protesters: you have not tried to shut me down, you have not tried to stop me from speaking the way that has happened at UC Davis, at Irvine; at Columbia University. You have done the right thing,» Dershowitz told the audience.
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