USA: Pro-guns protesters crash march against guns

Dozens of pro-guns protesters rallied in Washington DC on Saturday, as thousands of anti-guns protesters were marching down the streets in support of gun control. Founder of the 'Patriot Picket' association Jeff Hulbert said that they were there to support civil rights and in particular the second amendment. «The second amendment does serve a purpose» he said and added that even though they... Еще are «used to the abuse» they had brought helmets to protect themselves from anti-guns protesters. A plaintiff in in Supreme Court's Heller v. District of Columbia gun case, Dick Heller, said that they were «representing the second amendment’s most important function and that is to protect the first amendment being exercised by the masses of people here today.» Counter-protesters engaged in conversations with anti-guns protesters and argued the function of guns and civil rights protection. Thousands took to the streets of Washington DC in the 'March for our Lives' protest in support of gun-control laws.

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