USA: Pro-gun advocates hold rally outside US Capitol in DC

Hundreds of firearms advocates and gun owners descended on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Saturday, to rally in support of their second amendment rights. «It's truly a sad day when we have to gather here to demand that our politicians honour our inalienable right to keep and bear arms. Our rights have never, never in the history of the United States been under attack like they are today,» said... Еще attorney Joshua Prince when addressing the crowd. Among the speakers were attorneys, radio personalities, former police officers, former Marine corps members and several gun advocates representing gun lobby organizations. «We have got members of the socialist gun club to members of the Trump, forever, to everybody in between. We are America, we are the gun lobby, we the people and we will not stand for tyranny,» stated Firearms coalition's Jeff Knox. The focus of the rally was defending the legitimacy of second amendment rights and explaining why Americans should defend the right to bear arms. According to the 2nd amendment advocates, bearing arms is a God-given right which «shall not be infringed.»

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