USA: Priority is to stop war in Syria — Russian Envoy to UN

SOT, Sacha Llorentty, Permanent Representative of Bolivia to the United Nations: «Maybe I would send him a link to the U.N. charter for him to read that.» SOT, Reporter: «And Ambassador [Vasily Nebenzya]? SOT, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations: «I'm not tweeting I don't have any idea how to tweet.» Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations... Еще Vasily Nebenzya said his government's immediate priority is «to avert the danger of war», in an interview at the United Nations building in New York on Thursday. We hope that there will be no point of no return, that the U.S. and their allies will refrain from military action against a sovereign state,» Nebenzya told reporters. France, the US and UK are threatening to take military action against the Syrian government after it allegedly used chemical weapons on civilians. On Saturday, the 'White Helmets' alleged that chemical-filled munitions were dropped over Douma on April 7 causing the deaths of up to 70 people. The Russian Ministry of Defence has labelled the claims a 'fabrication.' Credit: UN TV

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