USA: Press hit back over Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’

Members of the press hit back on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump revealed the winners of his Fake News Awards in Washington DC. As the President tweeted a link to his highly anticipated award winners, some of the industry’s biggest names gathered for a panel discussion at the Newseum in the capital examining journalism in the Trump era. CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim... Еще Acosta, who has been scorned by the president several times and his network awarded four out of eleven Trump “accolades” said: «Having been called 'fake news' myself, that the President of the United States is the king of 'fake news.' (audience applauds). He is the king of 'fake news'. He said Barack Obama was not born in this country, he said Mexicans are rapists and criminals, he has said many things, he said he lost the election because undocumented people voted by the millions, he said that he had the largest inauguration crowd of all times. “


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