USA: Press conference held to promote petition against US engagement in Syria

A group of activists, including the CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and former State Department official Matthew Hoh, held a press conference at the Washington National Press Club, Washington DC, on Tuesday over a petition calling on Congress to remove all US military aircraft from above Syria. Mr Kiriakou, maintained, «We are going to have to accept the fact that Assad is not going anywhere... Еще, nor should he; whether we like it or not, his is the internationally recognised government of Syria.» Hoh, who served in Iraq and resigned over US policy in Afghanistan, decried US military action in Syria. «American airstrikes in Syria are not the solution and are continuing moral hazard for all people of Syria,» he said. International Law expert Christie Edwards took to the podium to comment on the US airstrike on the Shayrat airbase south of Homs, earlier this year. She stated, «the attack on April 6 violated the UN charter and nor was unconstitutional.» Meanwhile, a petition titled «No US Warplanes Over Syria» has reportedly received 50,000 signatures. It addresses the US Congress and Secretary of Defence James Mattis, claiming, «There is no legal or moral basis for the United States to be waging war in Syria.»
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