USA: POTUS «has your back one hundred percent» — Trump to FBI grads

US President Donald Trump assured new FBI National Academy grads that the «President of the United States has your back one hundreds percent» at a graduation Ceremony in Quantico, Virginia, on Friday. «I will fight for you and I will never, ever let you down, ever. Now more than ever we must support the men and women in blue,» he added. He went on to decry violence against police officers. «We... Еще will protect those who protect us, he said adding, «We believe criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty.» «When a brother or sister in uniform is hurt, on that day all of America bleeds blue,» he concluded. Trump’s appearance at the FBI National Academy comes after months of lashing out at the FBI in a series of tweets. In one of his statements, he claimed that the FBI’s reputation is «in tatters» over the bureau's handling of political investigations. Other highlights of the presidential speech included remarks on the US Green Card Lottery with Trump pondering over the question, «What kind of system is that? They come by a lottery. They give us their worst people.» Trump also took an opportunity to deliver a message for gang members, «To any member of MS-13 listening. We will find you. We will arrest you. We will jail you. We will throw you the hell out of the country.»


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