USA: Pompeo warns Silicon Valley not to bolster China's 'Orwellian' state

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Silicon Valley not to strengthen China's «Orwellian state,» during a talk in San Francisco on Monday, two days before Beijing and Washington sign a partial trade deal. «We need to make sure American technology doesn't power a truly Orwellian surveillance state. We need to make sure American principles aren't sacrificed for prosperity,» Pompeo said while... Еще speaking to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club. «China's rampant theft of intellectual property is real,» Pompeo said. The US and China are expected to sign a «phase one» trade agreement in Washington, DC on Wednesday. The bill will reportedly see Beijing pledging to buy US$200 billion (€180 billion) of US goods over two years in four industries. On Monday, the US erased China from a list of currency manipulators. Mandatory Credit: DVIDS

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