USA: Pompeo calls for Venezuela’s suspension from the OAS

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on members of the Organization of American States (OAS) to suspend Venezuela from the group, during its 48th general assembly in Washington DC on Monday. Pompeo described Maduro’s government as “unconstitutional” and accused it of “human rights abuses.» He also claimed that recent elections in Venezuela were a “sham” and “offered no real choice to [the... Еще] Venezuelan people.” “For all of these reasons, Vice President Pence challenged member-states last month to do what the Democratic Charter asks of us when faced with an unconstitutional interruption in democratic order of a member-state: suspend Venezuela from this body. That suspension is not a goal unto itself,» stated Pompeo. He also called on member states of the OAS to impose sanctions on Nicolas Maduro’s government. The OAS was founded in 1948 and includes the nation states of the Americas. Venezuela already announced its intention to withdraw from the organisation in 2017.

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