USA: Police seal Santa Fe High School after deadly shooting

Police officers taped off the area around Santa Fe High School in Texas on Saturday as part of the investigation into the shooting attack that claimed 10 lives. Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter Jessie was killed in a movie theatre shooting, was present at the scene along his wife Sandy, and called for a regulation of the Second Amendment. «We have guns, we've always had guns, we own a gun, we... Еще're not giving it up, we're not trying to take your guns — we want them better regulated,» said Phillips. «We don't want a 17 year old to be able to go into a gun shop, lay his money down and legally buy a weapon of war and go kill 17 people in Parkland. Voted the safest city in the country, only weeks before it happened. That proves it can happen anywhere. We want to stop it,» he added. On Friday, a shooter opened fire in Santa Fe High School, killing 10 people and wounding further 10. The victims reportedly include both students and staff.

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