USA: Police say deadly package explosions likely related to previous incident

Two package bombs that exploded on Monday after being delivered to homes in Austin, Texas, appear to be linked to a previous bomb on March 5th, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said during a press statement in Austin on Monday. Two package bombs exploded in Austin, Texas on Monday, killing one teenage boy and wounding two others, ten days after another similar case which killed a 39-year-old... Еще man on March 2th. The modus operandi is similar, with a package left at the front of a residence and exploding after an unsuspecting victim picked it up or tried to open it. Brian Manley, Austin Police Chief said «that is the third in what we believe to be related incidents that have occurred over the past ten days». In the first two bombs the victims were African-Americans, while in the third case it was a 75 years old Hispanic woman, who is currently in hospital in severe but stable condition. Given this, the police are not ruling out hate crime as a possible motive: «We're still working to identify whether or not that may play a role, but we're not going to rule that out», said Manley. Finally, Manley talked directly to the citizens, advising them to «call us and let us come out, because a device like this can be hidden in many different ways», in case they receive suspicious packages. Mandatory Credit: Austin Police

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