USA: Police flood campus as alt-right speaker draws mass protest in opposition

Hundreds of protesters took to the University of Florida, Thursday, in protest over an event by alt-right speaker Richard Spencer on its campus in Gainesville. As protesters marched through the university campus holding signs reading «Fascism and Democracy are incompatible,» an airplane crossed the sky carrying a «Love conquers hate! Love will prevail!» banner. Crowd of protesters confronted... Еще some of the Richard Spencer's speech attendants. At least two men at the event were seen being detained by the police for unknown reasons as the crowd cheered and booed. Spencer's presence compelled the governor of Gainesville to call a state of emergency, fearing a repeat of the events in Charlottesville; hundreds of police forces were deployed on campus to prevent any potential violence. Spencer, a divisive figure of the alt-right, came to media attention after a video of him chanting «Heil Trump» and doing a Nazi salute went viral. Spencer was also present at the far-right Charlottesville rally.

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