USA: Police clear protest 'autonomous zone' in front of White House

Police cleared a so-called protester 'autonomous zone' at Washington DC's Black Lives Matter Plaza on Tuesday, after protesters created an encampment following an unsuccessful attempt to topple down a statue of former US President Andrew Jackson. Police blocked off streets around the section, which is located in front of the White House. A reported number of around 75 police officers stood in a line on 16th and I Streets NW, with protesters seen standing in front of them. «Whatever we have, they come in in the morning and they take it. So we have to reload again, reload again. And this is a civil war. It's us against the Nazi regiment, the Nazi Donald Trump, KKK all the way,» said protester John Coy. «We're in the middle of a global pandemic, and we have police that are murdering black people in the streets. If you think it's justified then you need to re-evaluate your morals, period,» said protester Paul Myers Jr. Jackson, who was a former US Army general, during his presidential term signed the Indian Removal Act, relocating thousands of Native Americans.

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