USA: Plastics factory fire burning for seven days in West Virginia

A huge fire at a plastics and chemical warehouse in Parkersburg, West Virginia has been ablaze for seven days on Saturday. Firefighters were seen on site dispersing water over large piles of debris at the site formerly known as Ames Plant. The 420,000-square-foot facility, owned by Intercontinental Export Import Inc. (IEI), reportedly stored plastics as well as potentially toxic materials... Еще with local residents voicing their concerns about potential threats to health. «The fumes were so toxic coming off of it, if you breathe through your nose it would burn your nose, if you breathe through your mouth it would burn your throat, it would water your eyes, it was pretty bad,» said one of the residents. The State Department of Environmental Protection has ordered IEI to provide an inventory of all materials stored in the facility as well as the company's other warehouses across the country. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

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