USA: Pentagon in 'boxer stance' as Trump scraps US-North Korea summit

The Pentagon is «ready to respond» to any «provocative actions» from North Korea, as Director of US Joint Staff Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie said during a press briefing given at the Pentagon on Thursday, after President Donald Trump cancelled a summit with Kim Jong Un that was set to take place in June. «We always maintain a high state of readiness in regards to the situation in the... Еще Korean peninsula. We have done that for many years because of provocative, capricious actions of DPRK's leadership. So we are always very confident of our ability to go from a very cold start to something that would be more significant if we are required to do so,» Lt Gen McKenzie said. He went on to assert: «Right now we are at a level of good readiness, we are in a boxer stance, we ready to respond, we'll see what develops over the next few days, if any provocative actions occur from DPRK we'll certainly encounter with our allies and partners in the region be ready for it.» Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana White affirmed that the US Secretary of State Jim Mattis supported the decision and that the Pentagon would keep up the pressure campaign against North Korea. «This was a White House decision; this was a State Department decision. For us is a general asset. The maximum pressure campaign continues. Our posture hasn't changed, we remain very vigilant, and we will continue to be. So this is the beginning, not the end», said White. Earlier in the day, US President Donald Trump released a letter in which he cancelled his planned June 12 summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. In the letter addressed to Kim, Trump wrote that the long-planned summit would be «inappropriate,» citing the «tremendous anger and open hostility,» in Pyongyang's most recent statement.

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