USA: Patriot Prayer hold rally in support of Alex Jones

Members of right-wring group Patriot Prayer gathered and marched across Austin, Texas to show support for radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Saturday. The «Free Alex Jones Rally» was organised by group after web giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube banned Jones's content. «People need to understand how dire things really are in America, when you have free speech... Еще under attack, and you have an entire group of people in Hollywood and in the Democratic party that are willing to lie, make up false allegations to try to manipulate the supreme court in this country,» said InfoWars reports Owen Shroyer. Protester Laureen Morris claimed that «if any of you watch what's happening over in Europe, they are being silenced and they are being conquered by an agenda called islamophobia.» On the same day, Paypal announced it had cut off Jones's account due his alleged promotion of hate and discriminatory intolerance.

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