USA: Pablo Escobar's drug-smuggling partner ready to start afresh in Germany says his attorney

Private attorney Oscar Arroyave explained how his client Carlos Lehder, Pablo Escobar's drug-trafficking partner, was deported to Germany after being released from prison and plans to live a quiet life in Berlin, Arroyave said in an interview at his Miami office, on Thursday. Arroyave said that due to Lehder's father's German nationality, upon his release from prison he was able to choose to be deported to Columbia or Germany, he said, «I think between Germany and Columbia he probably though he had a better quality of life in Germany.» He added the former criminal hopes wants to make a fresh start, «he expressed to me that he wants to be a private citizen and he wants to enjoy his family. He has got a couple of grandkids and I think he is done with his craziness.» Lehder served 30 years in prison, although he was sentenced to life, this was reduced as «the opportunity came up for him to cooperate against general Manuel Noriega.» Arroyave said Lehder is waiting for him to visit to share a German beer together at the Brandenburg gate.

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