USA: «Our enemies truly fear the United States» — Trump attacks Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and N. Korea

US President Donald Trump took aim at various nations during his speech at the 'Values Voter Summit' in Washington DC on Friday. «This afternoon in a little while I'll be giving speech on Iran; a terrorist nation like few others and I think you gonna find it very interesting,» Trump stated to a cheering audience. Continuing, Trump noted that «Yesterday things happened with Pakistan. I've openly... Еще said Pakistan took tremendous advantage of our country for many years. We starting to have a real relationship with Pakistan. They're starting to respect us as nation again and so are other nations. They are starting to respect the United States of America again. And I appreciate that and I want to thank the leaders of Pakistan for what they have been doing. In this administration we'll call evil by it's name.» Trump also mentioned other countries, which, in his opinion are raising concerns: «We are confronting rogue regimes from Iran to North Korea and we are challenging the communist dictatorship of Cuba and the socialist oppression of Venezuela. And we not lift sanctions for these regimes until they restore political and religious freedom for their people.» The President also added that «As long as we [Americans] have pride in our country, confidence in our future, faith in our god, then America will prevail.» Trump is due to deliver a major foreign policy statement in Washington, D.C. today, in which he is widely expected to abandon the nuclear agreement reached in 2015 between Iran and a group of world powers.
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