USA: Opposing protests at Venezuelan embassy continue on Mother’s Day

The standoff between pro and anti-Juan Guaido protesters continued at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC on Sunday, as Medea Benjamin, the leader of Code Pink, the pacifist NGO occupying the embassy, pleaded for peace on Mother’s Day. Footage shows Benjamin offer to hug pro-Guaido protesters for Mother’s Day, but is blocked by police as she approached the counter-protest. The pro-Maduro... Еще activists currently occupying the Venezuelan embassy are seeking to block authorities from handing the embassy over to Guaido's representatives. Meanwhile, both pro-Guaido and pro-Maduro protesters have set themselves up outside. Venezuela has been in political crisis since January 23, when opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself president in a move now recognized by over 50 countries including the United States the European Union.

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