USA: Operational 'gulag system' in North Korea — Ambassador Brownback

Journalist: «Shouldn't this be linked to an overall normalisation of relations which is the end goal as well as of course denuclearisation?» Sam Brownback, United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom: «I'm going to let the president who has the direct, who is doing an outstanding job on this of elevating and dealing with the issue. I remember when I was back in the... Еще Senate I was raising the issue of North Korea at that time, but you couldn't get anybody to act, and this president is acting, and he's taking this issue on even though it's threatened us for years if not decades.» United States Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback commented on the 2017 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom during a press conference in Washington DC on Tuesday, and specifically mentioned religious and political prisoners in North Korea. «What we know is that you've got a gulag system operating in North Korea and it's been a terrible situation for many for many years. You can go on satellite, open source satellite and see some of these camps and the situation. You have people that have gotten out and have written about the situation in North Korea, we know it is very difficult and desperate, particularly of people of faith, that’s why North Korea has remained a country or particular concern for us», Brownback said. Brownback also commented on the state of religious freedom in Iran, stating that they not only persecute religious minorities but export their hard-line philosophy. «We hear and see horrific reports coming out of Iran on the lack of religious freedom and the persecution who are not in the majority faith stream and practising as the government directs, and we see a radical export of that philosophy as well out of Iran, and trouble in many countries in the Middle East,» Brownback stated.

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