USA: Oaklanders hold 'BBQing While Black' event

A massive barbecue was organised in Oakland, California on Sunday to protest against racism in the same spot a white woman called the police on a black family for grilling on April 29. Protesters decided to hold a barbecue to call out racist behaviour, naming the event «BBQing While Black». «We just voice our opinions by being here barbecueing, because the guy was not bothering anybody that... Еще day, he was just here barbecuing, minding his own business», said one protester. «She came to me telling me I don't belong here, saying that I was doing something illegal, which I wasn't, because I am an Oakland resident and I know most of the rules and regulations. I might not have been in a particular barbecue pit I was using, but it wasn't illegals what I was doing. And you know, she kept harassing me and telling me I didn't belong, and you know, it's not right», explained Onsayo Abram, one of the family members who was approached by the woman in question. Last month, a video went viral of a white woman calling police to report a black family's BBQ. The woman can be heard insisting that having a charcoal grill in the area is not permitted. When the police turn up, noone is arrested and the BBQ is allowed to continue. The video of 'BBQ Becky' has had more than a million views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

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