USA: «Nobody kill anybody» — Baltimore attempts 72 hour ceasefire as murder rate soars

A 72-hour long community-organised ceasefire began in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, as local residents attempted to push back against the number of shootings in a city that has one of the highest murder rates in the US. On course to set a new record for homicides this year, community leaders in Baltimore have demanded that “Nobody kill anybody” for three days. The ceasefire has reportedly... Еще been supported by local gang leaders and those linked to violent crime in the city. Local shop owner Humayun Ayubi said, “I think it makes huge difference, the police cannot do it by themselves, the citizens have to come forward and help one another.» Graffiti, placards, demonstrations and flyers were among the methods used to spread the message of the ceasefire, although it has not been received without scepticism. Shyra, a teenage resident said the movement might slow the murder rate temporarily, but it more change is required. “It's going to take a lot more to stop it period. Like guns off the streets, more recreational centres, stuff for kids, stuff like that because it's kids really out here getting killed, people losing their kids day by day,» Shrya explained. Baltimore has experienced 208 homicides in 2017, close to last year’s rate of 318 in just seven months, despite the city's relatively small population of 615,000 people. Further anger over the murder rate has been exacerbated by a series of high profile cases of African Americans being killed by police or while in police custody, including the death of Freddie Gray, which sparked mass protests in 2015.

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