USA: New York Christian community removes Robert E. Lee plaque

Leaders of the New York Christian Episcopal community removed a plaque commemorating General Robert E. Lee outside St John's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn. New York City, Wednesday. The decision comes after a white nationalist protest against the removal of a statue of Lee turned violent in Charlottesville, on the weekend. White nationalist demonstrator James Alex Fields Jr drove a car into... Еще counter-protesters, on Saturday, killing one person and injuring 19 more. The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island agreed to remove the plaque in light of the violence in Virginia. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island Lawrence Provenzano, who attended the event, said the removal of the plaque was a sign of solidarity to «those who are feeling oppressed, those who are feeling discouraged, those who are dismayed by the actions of white supremacy and the neo-Nazi movement and its support across this nation.» Pastor of the Salam Arabic Lutheran Church Khader El-Yateem said «this sign belongs in museums, it belongs in the archives. Not on our streets.» The plaque commemorated a tree planted by General Robert E. Lee in the 1840s. General Lee was known for fighting for the preservation of slavery in the United States in the 19th century.
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