USA: New Russian ambassador to US Antonov urges ending «attacks on Russia» as upon presenting credentials

Newly appointed Russian ambassador to the US Anatoli Antonov presented copies of his credentials to the US Department of State in Washington DC on Wednesday. Speaking outside the Harry S Truman Building, Antonov confirmed that «issues of bilateral problems, as well as of international nature» were raised during the meeting. Antonov added that Russia and the US have «a lot of to deal together... Еще,» with the main problem being «fighting against terrorism.» He also invited his US colleagues to find a «proper solution» for the crisis in Donbass, mentioning he will present to the UN Security Council an «excellent proposal» by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding «peacekeeping forces in Donbass.» «I can't see any problem to deal with all outstanding issues with the United States. There is a necessity to find political will to stop diplomatic war, to stop attacks on Russia and to start real work,» said Antonov. Commenting on the recent decision by the Trump administration to close the Russian consulate in San Francisco and two annex buildings in Washington DC and New York, Antonov remarked, «We are very disappointed by improper decision regarding our property.» Antonov, who previously served as deputy defence and foreign minister, was appointed to serve as Russia's ambassador to the US on August 21, 2017.
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