USA: New Hampshire locals react to Bernie primary win

Citizens in New Hampshire's capital city Concord gave their views on race to become the Democratic presidential candidate on Wednesday, the day after Bernie Sanders victory in the state's primary elections. Passer-by Adam Simons was unsure regarding the strength of the Democratic field candidates when it comes to facing Trump. He also raised question about voters perceptions of Bernie Sanders... Еще. «If Sanders gets the nomination I think he is too left for a lot of people», he said. In contrast, Joe Saphiro was happy about Sanders' victory, with whom he feels «aligned». «Certainly I think he can make it,» he declared. Amanda Newman was more cautious about the contest, believing it to be too early to tell. «I think California it's Bernie and Bloomberg right now. Bloomberg is a big question mark, party is gonna have a hard time rallying around Bernie, but if it's Bernie or Trump I think that we'll all come together ultimately», she added. Bernie narrowly won over centrist former mayor Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire. The race now moves onto Nevada and South Carolina on February 22 and February 29 respectively.

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