USA: Netanyahu thanks Trump ahead of US 'peace plan' reveal

US President Donald Trump said he would reveal his Middle East 'peace plan' on Tuesday, addressing the press alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside the White House in Washington DC on Monday. «We're going to announce tomorrow at twelve o'clock. We're going to show a plan that's been worked on by everybody and we'll see whether or not it catches hold,» Trump said about the... Еще plan. «If it does, that'd be great. And if it doesn't, we can live with it, too. But I think it might have a chance.» For his part, Netanyahu thanked Trump for his «bold actions on behalf of the state of Israel,» and called Iran «the most anti-Semitic regime on the planet.» «When you came into office, Iran was on the march. Because of your leadership, Iran is now on the run,» Netanyahu said. Trump also dismissed a claim advanced by former National Security Adviser John Bolton, according to which the US President told him he intended to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Ukraine until it assisted in securing investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden. «I can tell you nothing was ever said to John Bolton. But I have not seen a manuscript. I guess he's writing a book. I have not seen it,» Trump said. On Monday, Trump held back-to-back meetings with Netanyahu and Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz.

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