USA: NATO not a 'peace-loving organisation' — Rus. Ambassador Antonov speaks at Standford

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatolii Antonov addressed to the students, journalists and researchers at Stanford University, California, Friday. During his speech, he remarked that Russian-American relations are a «hostage of internal problems between the Democratic Party and Republican Party.» On behalf of the Russian government, he expressed concern for the «demonization of the... Еще Russian President Vladimir Putin» in the Western media. «It seems to me that Ukrainian events, could I say so, were the trigger for drastic declining relations between the Russian Federation and the United States as well as other Western countries,» said Antonov. Speaking about NATO, Antonov said that Russia had to take counter-measures to NATO drills, which took place close to the Russian border. «NATO is not the peace-loving organisation, NATO is a military capability, military machinery,» the Russian ambassador highlighted. Antonov commented on the entry ban to the General Consulate and other buildings of the Russian diplomatic mission in the US, saying that he had sent a request to the State Department to enter the General Consulate buildings and received a negative answer. «Frankly, there was no explanation why I have no right — I am a representative of the Russian Federation — to visit these buildings and to understand what is going on inside these buildings,» he concluded.

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