USA: NASA mission to 'touch' the Sun blasts off

NASA's Parker Solar Probe launched successfully from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday, as it embarks on its mission to 'touch the Sun'. The launch was initially planned for Saturday, but was delayed by a day due to last-minute technical issues. The car-sized spacecraft, which cost $1.5 billion (1.313 billion euro) to build, is set to orbit the Sun 24 times to gather... Еще valuable data through monitoring the surface of the Sun, also known as the solar corona. The Parker Solar Probe has a seven-year-mission ahead of it, and if successful, will be the first human-made object to come so close to the star. The project, which has taken six decades to come to fruition, marks a milestone in NASA's space mission trajectory. Scientists believe that a closer look at the solar corona will provide crucial information on what Eugene Parker called 'solar wind' as well as improving the understanding of stellar mechanics.

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