USA: Napa Valley vineyards and wineries hit hard by California wildfires

SOT, Pierre Brown, local (English): «So we don't want to be like..» SOT, James Brown, local (English): «If the wind changes direction we will be trapped. If there's a fire over here, if there's a fire to the south-east, we'll be trapped. So, we're debating evacuating now, even though they haven't done mandatory evacuation yet.» SOT, Pierre Brown, local (English): «It has been crazy, don't you... Еще think? If the wind starts to pick up at night, all those people here, they're all..» SOT, James Brown, local (English): «If the wind picks up we should just leave, we're gonna leave tonight.» The Signorello Vineyards Estate, located on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, is one of the many wineries that have been ravaged by wildfires affecting California. Footage shot on Wednesday showed the extent of the damage to the vineyard’s premises and produce. Local resident Ramon Garcia said he has to look for «a different job» as he lost his as a consequence of the fires. Another local, James Brown, said: «If the wind changes direction we will be trapped,» and added that authorities «haven't done mandatory evacuation yet.» Fifteen separate wildfires raged in Northern California, killing at least 17 people amid 122,000 acres of affected land, and prompting a state of emergency. Fires began on Monday and have left firefighters unable to bring the infernos under control. At least 2,000 properties have been destroyed as a result and over 100 people were treated at hospitals for smoke and burn related injuries alone.
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