USA: Muslims slam Trump’s ‘hypocritical’ Iftar dinner at the White House

«The fact that he's hosting an Iftar shows a hypocrisy in this man. You can't break bread and host an Iftar at the same time after he implemented policies and rhetoric demonising the Muslim community here in the US and abroad, starting with this Muslim ban and the way he has spoken about Muslims and minorities and immigrants, it's problematic. So we don't see any value in this Iftar. We don't... Еще believe it should've been hosted.» Dozens of Muslims gathered outside the White House in Washington DC on Wednesday to break bread while US President Donald Trump hosted his first official Iftar dinner. The event served as an act of protest against Trump's 'hypocrisy', according to Abed Ayoub, Policy and Legal Director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), who said holding the dinner was at odds with the anti-Muslim rhetoric the US President has employed. «Trump doesn't engage with American Muslims. To Trump, American Muslims are a foreign body and concept,» said another speaker. This is Trump's inaugural Iftar after he skipped it last year. At sunset, the crowd gathered for a round of speeches, followed by prayers after which the participants broke their fast together. Iftar, literally 'to break fast' in Arabic, is the name of the daily meal which Muslims eat at sunset during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

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