USA: More than 200,000 white flags on display in DC to honour COVID-19 victims

Over two hundred thousand white flags were displayed at DC Armory Parade Ground, each representing a victim of COVID-19, in Washington DC, on Tuesday. The installation, called 'In America, how could this happen' was created by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, she intended to send a strong message about the high death toll as well as to set a place for people to mourn. Brennan Firstenberg said, «When the numbers of deaths in the United States got so large, it was impossible for people to even comprehend. When numbers get too large they are easy to dismiss and so I wanted to make sure that no one would sweep this under the rug.» Behind the rows of flags is placed a billboard that shows the current number of fatalities due to the coronavirus. Locals can also add more flags, as the death toll from the coronavirus continues to rise. The US has registered 8,773,407 cases of the coronavirus with 226,604 deaths related to it, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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