USA: Monsanto to pay $289 mln in damages to groundskeeper with cancer

Agrochemical company Monsanto is due to pay a sum of $289 million (€253 million) to DeWayne Johnson, who claims that using one of their product as a groundskeeper caused his cancer, after a decision made by the San Francisco Supreme Court on Friday. Johnson sued the company claiming Monsanto's pesticide RoundUp led to him developing cancer. Talking to journalists after the decision, Monsanto... Еще's Vice President Scott Partridge expressed 'great sympathy' for Johnson, but announced that his company will appeal. «Glyphosate is safe. It has been used safely for more than four decades at around the entire world. It has been studied in more than 800 published peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate its safety. We'll take the next step in the legal process,» said Partridge. «It's critical that people understand that this is the most widely studied herbicide in the world and has been demonstrated for over forty years to be safe. Not a single reputable organisation has found glyphosate causes cancer,» he added. The Monstanto VP concluded: «This is the beginning of a lengthy process and we're prepared to see it through.»

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