USA: Molotov cocktail thrown at police as Portland BLM demo declared riot

A protester could be seen throwing a molotov cocktail at police officers in Portland as demonstrations in the wake of a grand jury decision on Breonna Taylor's case turned violent on Wednesday night. The incident happened around 22:00 local time (05:00 GMT) in front of the Portland Police Bureau. Officers moved in on a group of around 100 protesters shortly after activists lit fires and broke windows at the building's entrance and the gathering was declared unlawful. Police used crowd control munitions and made multiple arrests in Central Portland on Wednesday. Three officers reportedly suffered minor injuries during efforts to clear the streets. Demonstrations broke out in nearly every major city in the US after a grand jury decided not to charge for murder officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor. One police officer was charged with «wanton endangerment» for firing into a neighbour's home, but not for anything related to Taylor's death. 26-year-old Taylor was killed while sleeping in her bed in on March 13, after police officers broke into her apartment under a 'no-knock warrant' suspecting her to be part of a drug ring. The woman was eventually shot eight times as the officers exchanged gunshots with her boyfriend.

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