USA: Microsoft locks swords with US govt. on users’ data

Microsoft President Brad Smith and Microsoft Attorney Josh Rosenkranz spoke out on Tuesday morning in front of US Supreme Court in Washington DC, following the first day of trail concerning a dispute between the Trump administration and Microsoft over storage of user data in the 'Cloud' outside the US. Microsoft has defended its right to keep its users' private data if they are stored overseas... Еще. The case started when Microsoft refused to hand over consumer data stored in Ireland, even though the e-mails were connected with a drug smuggling case. «This case is fundamentally about a law that was passed across the street in the [US] Congress in 1986,» Smith told journalists. He added: «As I think our whole argument made abundantly clear, there are a variety of factors with further nuances that need to be considered in order to ensure that law enforcement can do its job and people's privacy rights can be protected.» Microsoft has stored data in 40 different countries around the world. Currently, domestic search warrants are regulated by a 1986 law, the Stored Communications Act, that Microsoft is deeming as obsolete and inadequate for the 21st century. The case was filed by Microsoft in 2013 and in 2016 the tech giant won in the New York court, but the Trump administration brought the case to the Supreme Court. Both Microsoft and some of the judges of the Supreme Court are pushing the US Congress to update the current laws, so that the case can be dismissed. The Supreme Court should make a decision by June.

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