USA: May Day marchers in Oakland demand better rights

C/U Protesters M/S Protesters moving M/S Woman with drum M/S General of the protest C/U Protester with sign M/S Protesters and the city C/U Protesters M/S Protesters and dummy head M/S Union representatives M/S People shout in Spanish: “Working class has no barriers” M/S Protesters M/S May 1 poster C/U Anti Trump shirt M/S Anti war banner C/U Protester putting bandana... Еще on M/S Protesters with flags Hundreds of marchers participated in a May Day protest in Oakland on Tuesday to advocate for workers and immigrants rights and to denounce the current administration's migrant policies. Waving flags and chanting slogans, protesters marched through the streets in a carnival atmosphere. Protester Ellen Murrys, said, “We are here because this is the international working class holiday of the world, and we don’t get a chance very often to be united with workers everywhere around the world, around our common needs, mainly our common need of getting more capital.

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