USA: 'Make the world a Beto place' — O'Rourke roadshow hits Dallas

SOT, supporter of Beto O'Rourke: «And I think he is bringing civility back to politics, we've been working to his campaign and there is nothing but respect within the office itself and when we go out on the streets, we do not talk about the other party in any discouraging way, we are only in the positive, about what Beto can do and bringing this county back together and especially Texans... Еще.» Democratic candidate for a Texan Senate seat Beto O'Rourke called for unity in Dallas on Friday evening, a few days before defining midterm elections. «All of us coming together, not against anyone else, coming together not against another political party, coming together not against anything at all, coming together for the greatest country in the world,» O'Rourke proclaimed. He welcomed Republicans, Democrats and independent voters to turnout at midterm elections on November 6. «He is bringing civility back to politics,» insisted a volunteer working on the Beto campaign. Another volunteer said, «I am personally not afraid of immigrants coming to the United States, I don't think Beto is either, I think it's a benefit to the country and we need them.» O'Rourke is running against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz in what is widely predicted to be a tight race.

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