USA: Locals react as anti-riot fencing around White House transformed into memorial wall

The fencing put up last week to keep George Floyd protesters away from the White House has become a mourning site decorated with social justice messages, as seen on Monday in Washington DC. Thousands of messages, flags, signs, flower wreaths, crosses, pictures and paintings can be seen hanging on the anti-riot fences around Lafayette Square. «I think it’s good because it shows how many people feel the same way I do, even if I’m not able to have a conversation with them individually. I think it’s a collective conversation, a form in a way to show that we all agree and feel and sympathise in the same way, even if they haven’t had my experiences with racism, that they sympathise with me, so it’s good because I think it’s a form of support as well as expression,» said Candice Washington, a local resident. The fencing began being installed on June 1 shortly after President Donald Trump walked from the White House to visit a church nearby after police cleared the area of protesters. It is unclear when the fences will be removed. Protests have been raging all across the US after George Floyd, an African American, died during an arrest on May 25 after a police officer kept his knee on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes despite him protesting he could not breathe.

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