USA: Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen holds last rally ahead of election in NC

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen met her supporters on Sunday at a whiskey distillery in Lewisville, North Carolina, for her last campaign rally ahead of Tuesday's election. «North Carolina was very supportive to my campaign during the primary season so it's both to have a last hurrah and to thank everybody,» Jorgensen said. A supporter said that he is voting for Jorgensen because Democrats «are pandering to Black people» and Republicans «have their own agenda.» Another supporter said that Jorgensen is «definitely» pro-Second Amendment and that Libertarians «decide not to let the government come in rule our life.» After the election is over, the Libertarian candidate is going back to her job as a senior lecturer in Psychology. «I teach at Clemson, so Thursday I will be teaching an in-person class, and then, after that, I hope to keep the movement going to people know about the Libertarian Party,» Jorgensen said.

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