USA: LGBTQ Trump supporters hold 'Deplorable Pride' in Charlotte

Scores of LGBTQ supporters of US President Donald Trump staged the so-called 'Deplorable Pride' in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunday, after they were reportedly denied a place at the annual 'Charlotte Pride' because of their support for Trump. During the march, the Charlotte-based Republican group 'Deplorable Pride' waved rainbow flags and flags featuring slogans supporting the US president... Еще. 'Deplorable Pride' organiser Chris O'Shea said, «I've tried debating with people who disagree with Trump, and they have their arguments, and I try to engage in a conversation. But it always comes back to 'You're a racist' or 'He's hateful' or 'He wants to kick immigrants out.'» He went on to say that «people don't want to listen to it. They read the headlines in the news, and that's what they make their opinion on, and, you know, it's emotion-driven and not fact-driven.»
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